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We are a construction company that builds off integrity.

We have a full staff of highly experienced craftsmen, and never leave a job until the customer is happy.

Are you needing a bathroom remodel, needing to update you kitchen, or buying a new home and would like to update the entire house? We are here to help. Our highly qualified highly skilled craftsmen are excited to get started working for you. We have an amazing sales and design team that can walk you through ever step of the process. We will bring your ideas to fruition.


You Can Rely on Our Honest Service & Top Notch Construction to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Ivy Construction was first started in 2019 on a whim…Nathan Bledsoe, Savanah Bledsoe(Nathan’s Wife) and Ray Bledsoe (Nathan’s Dad) decided to remodel Nathan & Savanah’s kitchen. Soon after, we started another fairly large project for a friend. We then decided to use our combined 85 years of experience to start a company that could continue to help people who needed remodels at a fair price. Nathan has his degree from Texas A&M university with 25 years in contruction, Ray Has 40 years construction experience, and Savanah has 10 years administrative experience and design experience .

Our Vision

Integrity – in all business dealings, with our customers, and with our team members. This refers to the conscientiousness of an individual, as to such mature human attributes as: respect and acceptance for and of others and all; direct individual responsibility; compassion; charity; truthfulness and honesty.


What Makes Ivy Construction Different

No Stress

Our approach is unique in everything we do because we love what we do. We make it fun and exciting because we are excited to work for you and have fun simultaneously.

Transparent Process

We are transparent about the entire process and answer any questions you may have. From the very beginning, you can expect us to listen and hear what you want.

Focused On Your Vision

It is never about just getting money in the bank. We do not take payment until the entire design is agreed on, we have a date we can start, and you are comfortable with proceeding.

Expert Team

We are a construction company that builds off integrity. We have an entire staff of highly experienced craftsmen and never leave a job until the customer is happy.

Our Environment

aving a light heart, enjoying the people around you, exhibiting an optimistic attitude

Doing everything possible to achieve individual and group goals, always upholding company values

Building trust, faith, and caring in and for your fellow employees

Demonstrating a positive outlook, always looking for what’s next , having a “can-do” attitude

Emphasizing calmness, self-control, and the willingness or ability to tolerate hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without complaint.

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